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Skydancers Intensive – Journey to the heart of emotions

18 août - 25 août
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Transform and welcome all the power of emotions in the masculine, in the feminine and in the relationship,
• Identify, understand, express and use emotions as a resource,
• Integrate and regulate experience, awareness and energy of emotions in oneself and beyond…

One of our most basic needs is to be happy and healthy. This is fundamentally possible when we are in balance and our vital energy can flow without hindrance. In difficult situations, when we repress feelings we are unable to admit or when we prevent ourselves from perceiving the emotions arising within us, we block them in our body and thus the free circulation of our vital energy is impaired.

Such trapped energies often become an invisible but very real cause of many of our physical and emotional discomforts in life. Transformation can happen when we are able to relax in the presence of our emotions and become observers and conscient actors of our inner world.

During this week’s journey in the heart of our emotions we will explore how to recognize, transform or move through emotions and create space for the expression of true feelings where love has its place.
We live in a culture where it is often neither polite nor appropriate to show one’s emotions. This is why many of us are used to keeping fear, anger, sadness, disgust or even joy within. In this journey we will have an opportunity to visit beliefs such as:

• I should not show how angry or sad I am, what will people think of me?
• I have to be strong and functional, which is incompatible with being emotional
• It is useless and embarrassing to be so sensitive
• If I let an emotion express itself, it can overwhelm me and I can lose control
• I can handle anger but cannot cope with sadness
• I can handle sadness but cannot cope with anger
• I welcome joy and excitement but all other emotions mean that something is wrong with me

Then through specific practices – individual, with a partner or in group – we will explore how to:

• Increase awareness of the energy of emotions that move through us and feel more in touch with our body
• Experiment in each chakra what triggers our emotions and the reactions they provoke in ourselves and others in order to better understand ourselves and make more conscious choices
• Let the energy of emotions consciously express itself through sound, breath and movement in order to bring more clarity and fluidity to our exchanges
• Transform the energy of emotions into an ecstatic and creative power of well-being in the body, heart and mind in order to create better relations with ourselves, those around us and the world
• Open pathways to circulate the vital energy of emotions from pelvis to crown, feel more vitality and presence
• Find a sense of lightness and flow with life and whatever it brings us
• Practice and live our sexuality by welcoming and embracing our emotions and those of others with awareness and love.


This seminar is open to experienced tantrikas who have completed at least three weeks of Tantra training offered by SkyDancing Tantra Institute or other recognized schools or teachers. It is designed for both couples and singles and is open to all who wish to go deeper in their experience of Tantra and discover or continue to experiment within the SkyDancing tradition.

This seminar is a powerful group process that is based on security, trust, unconditional love, intimacy and acceptance of what is. It is an opportunity to learn from one another and acquire new relationship skills.


Tina Hellingrath: Connected to SkyDancing Tantra® for over 20 years, Tina draws on her various experiences in Tibetan Buddhism, Tantrism and mystical Christianity. More recently, she was introduced to Hawaiian philosophy and Ka Huna body work. Tina lives from the heart. Her workshops provide a safe and nurturing environment and embody her sensitivity, compassion and insight. For Tina, an important aspect of tantric philosophy is the knowledge that everything is already here: each of us carries the divine spark and everything is connected to the whole through universal energy. Tina is a certified SkyDancing Tantra® teacher and co-director of the SkyDancing Tantra Institute in Germany.

Jeff Abeloos: Personal and business coach certified by the NLP and Coaching Institute of California, Jeff is dedicated to helping his participants “make the best use of their resources to be and get what they want in their life”. He is a certified SkyDancing Tantra® teacher and organizes groups for experienced tantrikas.
Dedicated for many years to creating and sponsoring men’s groups initiated by Guy Corneau, he is ex-president of the Men’s group network in the Paris region. Trained in Rebirth, Ayurvedic massage, Tantra and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he also relies in his teaching on his multicultural life experience in Belgium, France, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and the USA.


Prerequisites: at least 3 weeks of Tantra training offered by SkyDancing Tantra Institute or another recognised school or teacher.

Language: French and English

Price: 890 € (EARLY BIRD: 850 € – until May 1, 2019).
Special for couples: 850 € per person.

Accommodation: full pension from 55 € to 100 € per person per jour depending on the type of room. Fresh local organic foods will be prepared each day by Samyr – the owner of the place and an excellent cook who worked at the Hameau de l’Etoile.


Début : 18 août
Fin : 25 août
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Venue Name: Mas du Figuier
Address: La Fontaine
Bevons, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 04200 France

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Organizer Name: Margarita Prokunina
Organizer Name: Tina Hellingrath
Organizer Name: Abeloos Jean-François